Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Bangalore based, Infosys Technologies, recently made headlines, as they have been prohibited from carrying on their business in France under their trade name “INFOSYS”. A civil court in Boligny, France ruled that, the usage of the name ‘Infosys’ by the Indian Company constituted infringement of the trademark and corporate name of another Company “Infosys France”. Infosys Technologies has sought a stay order on the Civil Court’s decision and are planning on appealing against the ruling.

Several companies fail to realize how important it is for them to secure their intellectual property (IP), particularly their trade mark and more importantly their house mark in contemporary times. Expansion of market/services also means enhancement of goodwill and trade reputation. After the lifting of trade barriers, domestic companies have forayed into the international market in large numbers.  Indian Companies, especially, the ones in the IT sector, capitalizing on the changed atmosphere, further fueled by liberalization of the Indian economy, have opened their business operations in various countries. But in that, what the companies have lost sight of is, securing their Intellectual Property Rights


The aforesaid event is just an eye opener. What happened today to Infosys Technologies may happen to any Indian Company tomorrow. Trade Marks are distinctive signs or indicators as to the origin of the products/services of Companies. Unscrupulous individuals hijack well known trade marks and pass off their goods as that of the original owner. To prevent this from happening, owners of a trademark have to secure it by registration

There is now a paradigm shift in trade. Indian Companies, as is the case with other global companies, are striving hard to enter into the international business areas or alternatively to safe guard their international businesses. Off late, big corporate houses of India, like the Tata, Reliance, and Videocon, to name a few, are in the process of consolidating and increasing their holdings through numerous global acquisitions and merger. In such a scenario, protection of Intellectual Property is of a great significance.

From the abovementioned debacle of Infosys, we expect that, the other Indian entrepreneurs would take the required measures, in securing their IP and avoid various unpleasant situations like the one being faced by the soft ware giant.

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