Friday, October 10, 2008


Blogs have become very popular on the Internet. Recent reports show that numerous newspapers are downloading and using photograps which have been clicked by bloggers and put up on blogs. This is a violation of copyright whic is vested with the individuals who got those photographs.

Major papers like Times of India, Hindustan Times along with numerosu local newspapers are guilty of the same. 

But the question arises as to how much protection can the bloggers avail of. To be practical, it is a very diffcult thing to monitor the usage of photographs on Blogs. The newspaper agency has to just ensure that they use a photograph of a blog which is owned by someone in another country. That individual wuld nt even know of the misuse as he doesnt get copies of tthe ppaper at his country. 

Stringent measure are called for to discourage and to prevent the same.