Sunday, September 21, 2008


A major trademark battle is brewing between Bisleri and Coca-Cola over the use of the ‘Maaza’ trademark. ‘Maaza’ is one of India’s most popular mango based non-carbonated soft drinks. ‘Maaza’ was owned by the Chauhan family which at that time also owned other famous trademarks like Thums-Up, Rim-Zim, Goldspot, Limca and Citra. However when Coca-Cola entered the Indian market it bought out all five brands from the Chauhans. Coca-Cola had initially registered the ‘Maaza’ trademark in European countries so as to market the drink in those countries. However the Chauhan family which now owns Bisleri International claims that the agreement to hand over the ‘Maaza’ trademark to Coca-Cola was limited only to the Indian market and that Bisleri still has the international rights to the ‘Maaza’ trademark. The Hindu reports that Bisleri has in fact already entered into franchisee agreements with European companies and has started selling ‘Maaza’ in Europe. Since Coca-Cola’s move to register the Maaza trademark in Europe has directly threatened Bisleri’s commercial interests in Europe, they have sent a legal notice to Coca-Cola alleging that the initial agreement has been violated by Coca-Cola’s actions and have claimed upto $50 million dollars in damages for the alleged infringement